Friday, December 12, 2008


Feeling charitable? How about donating! There are a lot of costs associated with Lost Gospel, from the generator to props, flier production and video equipment rental. The cost of a generator ranges from $34-$65 depending on the size of the band and how many instruments. For the White Fang show we had water balloons and sparklers and for Starfucker we had a pool, pool toys and various swimming related accouterments like goggles and beach towels plus chalk for afterward. For all three shows including Almost Nearly we also spent a good deal of time (and change) using the ink and paper at FedEx Kinko's. So anything you can pitch along in our direction will help and go towards the kitty of continued Lost Gospel events. We've got some fun ones up our sleeve for December and in the New Year!

You can donate via paypal through the donate button in this post or via our sidebar or via our email:

If you'd like to sponsor an event by covering all the costs, we'd love you all the more! Still, any little bit helps! Whoo!

Thanks! Stay tuned!