Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost Gospel: Horse Feathers Mounted Patrol this Friday!

horsefeathersfliersmall, originally uploaded by lost gospel.

Lost Gospel season is finally back in session! And it all kicks off this Friday, March 13th! We're heading to the police horse stables! Deep in the heart of downtown! With Horse Feathers! Yes, it's a "work day," but it's so worth skipping whatever you have planned... or taking a late lunch... or...


Lost Gospel: Horse Feathers Mounted Patrol Experience
Friday March 13th

Mounted Patrol Unit
1362 NW Front Ave
(right behind Union Station)

3pm: Tour of the police horse stables
3:30pm: Horse Feathers acoustic performance

The police horse stables are bus, street car, bike and car accessible. They're also but a mere 15 minute walk from Stumptown on SW 3rd.

Come for both the tour and the show! Hope to see you there!