Friday, December 12, 2008


Feeling charitable? How about donating! There are a lot of costs associated with Lost Gospel, from the generator to props, flier production and video equipment rental. The cost of a generator ranges from $34-$65 depending on the size of the band and how many instruments. For the White Fang show we had water balloons and sparklers and for Starfucker we had a pool, pool toys and various swimming related accouterments like goggles and beach towels plus chalk for afterward. For all three shows including Almost Nearly we also spent a good deal of time (and change) using the ink and paper at FedEx Kinko's. So anything you can pitch along in our direction will help and go towards the kitty of continued Lost Gospel events. We've got some fun ones up our sleeve for December and in the New Year!

You can donate via paypal through the donate button in this post or via our sidebar or via our email:

If you'd like to sponsor an event by covering all the costs, we'd love you all the more! Still, any little bit helps! Whoo!

Thanks! Stay tuned!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lost Gospel: Starfucker Pool Party Videos

Here are two videos from the Lost Gospel Starfucker pool party in a vacant lot on Belmont on July 19th. You can pretty much see the crowd multiply as the videos progress. 

"German Love," "Florida" and a little bit of "Pop Song":

"Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second":

Monday, July 21, 2008

You're Invited!

Wanna be involved with Lost Gospel? Are you in a band that'd like to play a Lost Gospel show? Do you film? Can you record pro sound or want to learn how? Do you take photos and want to shoot with us (we're also a photography collective)? Do you write and want to help out with the paste-up zine? Do you draw and want to help make a collaborative comic where everyone draws a panel of a narrative story? Do you just want to be involved in any capacity?


The idea of Lost Gospel is that everyone is invited! Anyone who wants to be a part of it is. This is about community and forging new connections through collaboration.

Let us know what you'd like to do because we'd like to do it with together.

Shall we sing "Kumbaya?" Maybe not. But let's get together and make things happen!

Our email is:

What can you contribute?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost Gospel Double Header This Weekend!

We've got a Starfucker Pool Party this Saturday!!! Whoo!!

Saturday July 19th 2008 at 7pm sharp!

On Belmont in between 34th and 35th.

We're taking over a vacant lot and having a pool party! Starfucker are playing a half hour set inside a kiddie pool (sans water)!

Bring a lawn chair and wear swimwear! We've got beach balls! We've got innertubes! We've got fun noodles! All we need is you to come and party down!

Visit and Listen to Portland's favorite sons Starfucker on Myspace

(as drawn by Guidance Counselor!)

On Sunday we have Almost Nearly and Glass Teeth on an abandoned train car! Whoo!!

Sunday July 20th 2008 at 5pm sharp!

Meet on the corner of 17th and Ochoco - kitty corner from Goodwill Bins.

Glass Teeth will lead us down the rails in song, armed with a guitar. We'll reach an abandoned train car after about 10 minutes where Almost Nearly will be waiting to serenade us with a special set! This will be an intimate acoustic gig.

Visit and Listen to Glass Teeth on Myspace

Visit and Listen to Almost Nearly on Myspace

Psssst: This could be Almost Nearly's final gig as the group exists now, so be sure to come. If not for the breezy tunes, then to see a curtain fall.

Oh - and Almost Nearly's Miss Nicole Perry will be gracing Lost Gospel again later in the summer as a part of Southern Belle who are scheduled to perform an acoustic set in a tree! Yep!

WHT FNG @ Brooklyn Park: the video

Lost Gospel: WHT FNG @ Brooklyn Park from Lost Gospel on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

WHT FNG Brooklyn Park Pics

At long last! Here are a batch of photos from the White Fang show at Brooklyn Park - the first offering from Lost Gospel's summer show series. Maybe we should talk about how we scheduled the show for 7pm, but White Fang's Erik Wolfgang Gage put it on their myspace page as starting at 8. So we had some time to fill. Cue a poetry reading by White Fang drummer Chuck!

There was uncertainty in the air due to unseasonal rain (it'd been 100 degrees the day before), the crashing of thunder and lightning strikes overhead, but while threatening, the weather did little to disturb the show aside from canceling out the water balloons we'd filled at prior to our arrival on the basketball court.

Four members of the White Fang tribe performed five songs after the poetry reading with a generator providing juice to the guitar amp and Erik going mic-less.

Afterwards we all hung around playing basketball and with sparklers until retiring to a meal at the Hot Cake house and then over to White Fang's house SK8 and Rhone a little before midnight. It was an awesome assortment of people from the gig on throughout the night - a whole united gaggle, many of whom who'd barely met prior to White Fang's Lost Gospel set but now fast friends.

Friday, June 27, 2008


We have a pool party planned with Starfucker, White Fang on a basketball court, Glass Candy on a playground, Southern Belle in a tree, Almost Nearly on a train car with Glass Teeth and more to come. Stay tuned.