Thursday, July 17, 2008

WHT FNG Brooklyn Park Pics

At long last! Here are a batch of photos from the White Fang show at Brooklyn Park - the first offering from Lost Gospel's summer show series. Maybe we should talk about how we scheduled the show for 7pm, but White Fang's Erik Wolfgang Gage put it on their myspace page as starting at 8. So we had some time to fill. Cue a poetry reading by White Fang drummer Chuck!

There was uncertainty in the air due to unseasonal rain (it'd been 100 degrees the day before), the crashing of thunder and lightning strikes overhead, but while threatening, the weather did little to disturb the show aside from canceling out the water balloons we'd filled at prior to our arrival on the basketball court.

Four members of the White Fang tribe performed five songs after the poetry reading with a generator providing juice to the guitar amp and Erik going mic-less.

Afterwards we all hung around playing basketball and with sparklers until retiring to a meal at the Hot Cake house and then over to White Fang's house SK8 and Rhone a little before midnight. It was an awesome assortment of people from the gig on throughout the night - a whole united gaggle, many of whom who'd barely met prior to White Fang's Lost Gospel set but now fast friends.

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