Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost Gospel: Painting with Explode Into Colors

It's time for another guerrilla event! With Explode Into Colors! Whoo!

Sunday August 16th
The black top on NE 26th and Everett

There will be plastic and blank canvases laid down alongside paint and paint brushes for people to make splatter art as Explode Into Colors play.

Wear all white!
Show up at 6pm on the dot!

The event is rain or shine as there's also a covered basketball court there in case the weather remains wacky.

If you have paint to donate or paint brushes to lend, please contact us via email at:

Donations to help cover the generator rental can be made via paypal to the same email.

As always, invite and bring any and all!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lost Gospel: Loch Lomond at Canterbury Castle

Whoo! Our 5th Lost Gospel show is upon us, just in time to kick off the summer season. This Sunday, June 7th will be a special one! Though it's been in the news quite a bit lately, many Rose City residents are unaware that we've had a magical castle in our midst. Sitting atop a hill near the zoo on Canterbury Lane is Canterbury Castle, a real live actual castle with two red doors and a lot of stories (both literal and figurative :). Sadly the castle - which has stood there since around 1930 - is in the process of being torn down. So this Sunday, we'll be giving it its storybook ending!

We will meet at the Washington Park tennis courts. At 1:30pm we will then depart to the castle. Don't be late for this very important date! Just as Hansel and Gretel had a trail of bread crumbs, we'll have a path of arrows to follow as we ascend - all while being read a fairytale!

At 2pm after we arrive, local sextet Loch Lomond will perform a lush acoustic set at the castle ruins to give the castle the send-off it deserves.

Come be a part of the magic! Invite and bring any and all!

Wanna find out more about Canterbury Castle's backstory and its former owners? Please read here.

You can walk, bike, bus or drive to Washington Park.

Ways to reach Washington Park by bus:
The tennis courts are accessible by Trimet - either by taking the 63 directly there or taking the 20 and getting off at MacLeay, then walking up the hill on the SW side of Burnside.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost Gospel: Horse Feathers Mounted Patrol this Friday!

horsefeathersfliersmall, originally uploaded by lost gospel.

Lost Gospel season is finally back in session! And it all kicks off this Friday, March 13th! We're heading to the police horse stables! Deep in the heart of downtown! With Horse Feathers! Yes, it's a "work day," but it's so worth skipping whatever you have planned... or taking a late lunch... or...


Lost Gospel: Horse Feathers Mounted Patrol Experience
Friday March 13th

Mounted Patrol Unit
1362 NW Front Ave
(right behind Union Station)

3pm: Tour of the police horse stables
3:30pm: Horse Feathers acoustic performance

The police horse stables are bus, street car, bike and car accessible. They're also but a mere 15 minute walk from Stumptown on SW 3rd.

Come for both the tour and the show! Hope to see you there!